Pelvic floors and specifically pelvic floor therapy tends to be thought of as only “women’s troubles”.  Most people, men and women alike are extremely surprised to hear that pelvic floor health is for both men and women alike. The reality is, all humans have a pelvic floor. While pelvic floors get the spotlight when it comes to birthing babies, we must remember that pelvic floors are responsible for bowel and bladder function, sexual health and performance in the gym - for everyone. Here are our top reasons why we feel like men to pay close attention to their pelvic floors:


  1. Pelvic floor muscles play a role in sexual function. These muscles are responsible for controlling the flow of urine, and they also help to contract during ejaculation. When the pelvic floor muscles are weak or damaged or confused, it can lead to problems with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or pain with arousal!
  2.   Pelvic floor muscles support the bladder and rectum. In men, these muscles help to hold the bladder and rectum in place, which can prevent issues like incontinence of urine, gas or stool. Problems like straining to have a bowel movement and hemorrhoids are byproducts of a pelvic floor that needs attention. 
  3. Pelvic floor muscles can affect back pain. Inefficient pelvic floor muscles can contribute to lower back pain, as they work as a part of your core that stabilizes your spine. If you have had chronic low back, hip or tailbone pain - you may need to look at your pelvic floor muscles. 
  4. Pelvic floor muscles help make gains in the gym. As stated earlier, your pelvic floor is a part of a bigger team that supports your spine and stabilizes you during exercise like lifting weights. If your pelvic floor is weak or uncoordinated, you may not be lifting as much as you could!  


It is important for men to pay attention to their pelvic floor health and to address any issues that may arise. This can be done through regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and seeking medical attention like pelvic floor therapy if symptomatic.  By taking care of their pelvic floor muscles, men can enjoy better sexual function, fewer issues with constipation and hemorrhoids and maybe hit a few new PRs in the gym while they are at it.