Frequently Asked Questions

How much does each session cost?

Our services range in price. Please contact PeakRx Therapy for pricing.

Payment is required at or before the time of service. Our payment is based on 60 minute sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. PeakRx Therapy is considered out-of-network but clients are able to submit for reimbursement through their insurance provider with a superbill we are able to provide.

There are no hidden costs, no extra fees or bills after treatment. 


Why is PeakRx Therapy out-of-network for all insurance companies?

At PeakRx Therapy, we believe that providing patients with one on one care is best for their healing and rehab.

Typically, insurance dictates therapy treatment, with most in-network therapy clinics needing to see 3-4 patients an hour to be profitable. This means most of your time is spent performing the same exercises each visit alone or with a therapy tech. This also means needing to come to therapy multiple times per week in order to make progress through your plan. 

Being out-of-network allows us to provide you with a full hour of all-eyes on you. We are able to treat you how we feel is best without insurance dictating our every move. 

With more dedicated time, in-depth treatment and therapy geared towards patient ownership of their care, clients are able to reach goals in less time, with less visits. 

We have never had anyone ever regret the investment they make in us and in themselves. 

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Do I need a referral to be seen at PeakRx Therapy?

No. In the state of Texas you are able to be evaluated and treated up to 3 weeks without a referral. 

If you are wanting to submit for reimbursement, a referral would be needed. We can help you get this after your evaluation! 

Why PeakRx Therapy?

At PeakRx Therapy, you will be seen for 1 hour, one on one with a doctor in physical therapy. You will not be shuffled off to a therapy tech or aid. Each visit will be geared specifically to your needs to help set you up to continue treatment and healing at home until your next visit.

You get results quicker. With more time spent each visit, without co treatments, your average discharge rate compared to other clinics in the area is almost half the time!

The most important thing you will receive is knowledge and skills to keep you moving as healthy and pain free as possible. Our goal is to get you in and out as quickly as possible, without you needing any healthcare professional long term for your relief.

We believe that anyone with a body is an athlete. So whether your goals are to PR your back squat, get back to playing tennis with your buddies on the weekend, or walk with your grandkids at Disney  World, we all deserve to move and live the best we can.

Do you provide dry needling?

Yes we do! 

Dry needling is an advanced technique using thin, monofilament needles. Needles are inserted into muscle tissue to help decrease myofascial pain, address trigger points, increase muscle activation and help with recovery post sport.

There is no extra cost for dry needling and can be including in your session based on your plan of care. 

What does a pelvic floor evaluation look like?

All of our doctors are trained to be able to evaluate and treat the pelvic floor. Depending on your symptoms and needs, the evaluation of your pelvic floor can look different.  A pelvic floor can be evaluated both externally and internally (vaginal or rectal). An internal assessment is very gentle with the use of one gloved and lubricated finger - no instruments required!  Through an internal assessment we are able to check integrity of your muscles and tissues, assess strength, endurance speed and control of your pelvic floor muscles. 

Your doctor will explain all options prior to starting the evaluation. Your consent for any part of the evaluation is required! 

Do you treat just women?

We treat people of all genders, ages, shapes and sizes. If you have an orthopedic or pelvic health complaint, we are here and ready to help you find freedom and relief.